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Saturday 10:00 till 23:00

10:00 Reception and Traders Stalls open.

Traders this year are many and varied,  selling  merchandising ranging from figurines, to Bar B Qs , and tent pegs, all our traders are friendly, and you will have an opportunity  to purchase limited editions of Wadfest merchandise.

All day.

Lupine has once again written a murder mystery again this year, this is your opportunity  to play the part of your favourite detective and solve the murder,  visit the forum for further information.





Paint Your Own,  Visit Myth Cast and purchase your unpainted figurines, then go to the painting table to paint them up in your own  design, there will be people around to give you help and suggestions if you require it.





Masquerade,  during the day there will be judges walking around the field marking your costumes, points will be awarded for the amount of detail that has gone into your costume, if you are part of a group costume the whole group fit together, the costumes do not have to be based on this years theme, although the more that are based on the theme the more the people will get the feel of it being real.


During the Day

Smack the Penguin. Smack the penguin started life as a one off event based on a popular Internet game that was doing the rounds at the time. It proved so  popular that if we ever decided not to have it,  the fans would revolt.





Building and Painting the The Rockets  This is where the young ones, and not so young ones get to build the rockets, and then paint them up ready for the  Great Space Race that take place on Sunday. Because this year will be the first event, here are some pictures of building and painting the Luggage from last year.


X  Factum.  Your chance to show off your talents, why not have a go at entertain the Wadfestions with your talent, can’t sing,  can’t  act, can’t even dance? No problems it is the entertainment factor that counts.







Waddy and Lupine unrehearsed.  You to hear what goes on behind the scenes, the horrors and tribulations.  Also your chance to ask all those questions you have always wondered what the answers are, the last time we had a similar it proved very entertaining and amusing.